Honda Element 2010 A Great Pet Friendly Vehicle


Honda is introducing a pet friendly car in their 2010 line up.  

The Honda company press release stated that the  “The Honda Element lineup expands for the 2010 model year with an all-new “Dog Friendly™” pet accommodation system designed to improve safety, comfort and convenience for dogs and their owners alike”.



The new Dog Friendly Element takes that concept to a whole new level with specially designed features for dogs and their owner.

The Dog Friendly equipment is intended to accommodate the secure transportation of a dog in the cargo area within a nylon-webbed car kennel.


In daily operation the car kennel helps prevent a dog from interfering with the driver in traffic by keeping the pet properly restrained and out of reach of the driver. In the event of a frontal collision, the kennel is intended to help restrain the dog behind the rear seats, reducing the chance for the pet to be injured – or to injure human occupants during a crash.

 The Dog Friendly equipment enhances pet comfort by providing a soft floor surface for the dog’s legs and paws along with a dedicated fan and a spill resistant water source.

 Convenience is improved for owners with an integrated ramp, easy to clean surfaces and a full suite of matching Dog Friendly accoutrements.

 The major components of the dog friendly Element include:

  • a soft-sided cargo area car kennel made from seat belt-grade netting;
  • a cushioned pet bed in the cargo area with an elevated platform;
  • a 12V DC rear ventilation fan;
  • second-row seat covers with a dog pattern design (matches the bed fabric);
  • an extendable ramp (stores under the pet bed platform);
  • all-season rubber floor mats with a toy bone pattern;
  • a spill-resistant water bowl; and
  • Dog Friendly exterior emblems (driver’s side and rear).


Features of the Dog friendly Honda element can be found here

This would be the car of choice for a DogSmith Dog Trainers and Pet Care providers  as not only does the car provide all the amenities to provide comfort for the dog but also features some very important safety aspects. The DogSmith key mission is to always do not harm and we emphasize a ‘holistic’ approach to dog training and pet care by attending to the physical, emotional, and environmental well being of pets in our care. DogSmiths are busy collecting and delivering pet dogs from and to their homes having enjoyed a DogSmith Dog Romp, Canine Slumber Party or a DogSmith dog park romp so this car is a fantastic tool for doing just that.


Lower your Health Care Costs – Bring a Pet into You Home

beaglepuppyAccording to the 2009/2010 National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 71.4 million homes, In 1988, the first year the survey was conducted, 56% of U.S. households owned a pet as compared to 62% in 2008. This shows a continual growth in the number of people sharing their lives and homes with pets. It may come as no surprise to learn that there are numerous health benefits to owning a pet so whether owning a pet is a conscious decision or not in terms of owner health it certainly needs to be celebrated (APPA)


Dr Karen Allen State University of New York at Buffalo believes that pets help to Lower Blood Pressure. A recent study found that people who owned a dog or cat and suffered from hypertension had lower blood pressure readings when under stress than those in the same situation who were not pet owners. (Dr. Karen Allen, State University of New York at Buffalo)

Dogs are faithful companions and research shows that dogs and cats help owners remain psychologically stable, particularly single men, during stressful times. Pet ownership also helps fight depression and loneliness. The bond between a human and a pet can create a feeling of security and diminish feelings of isolation. Dogs require exercise and dog owners who exercise their pets gain the benefits of regular exercise and exposure to public places where they can meet other dogs and new people (National Institute of Health Technology Assessment Workshop: Health Benefits of Pets).

Now with all this said choosing the right dog or cat is very important, you must consider breed, size, activity level, care requirements and much more. Will you rescue a dog or cat and adopt it through a shelter or will you search for a breeder. However you decide to find your new pet contact your local DogSmith. Your local DogSmith can help you in your choice, talk through with you all your options and even assist you in temperamental testing to ensure you pick a pet that will comfortably assimilate into your home. DogSmith Dog Trainers offer “Pet Dog Selection” consultations. Once your new dog is home your DogSmith can help you in the first sixty days with house training, crate training and socialization prior to you embarking on your dog obedience education goals. This effect is certainly worth it on your part given the years of companionship you will gain from your new family pet and hopefully a reduction in your health care costs!

To find your local DogSmith or if you are interested in becoming a DogSmith Dog Trainer call 1-888-Dog-Smith or visit