LARA – New Photographs & Videos

Here is LARA, she looks so pretty in these pictures. Big smile and lots of fun. watch the videos of her running and fetching a ball and doing some nice down behaviors around the other dogs. This is the dog who used to crawl into a corner and hide her head under her body, who had to be carried in and out as she was so scared to walk in the presence of people. Thank you to Bethany, The DogSmith Florida Panhandle and Southern Alabama for taking time out of her busy scheudle to take photographs and videos of Lara.

Lara is available for adoption through New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. I would love for her to find a new home in our area so we can continue to help rehabilitate her.


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  1. I live in Deltona, Florida and am very interested in Lara. I rescued and adopted an Aussie before, who was living in intolerable conditions and gave her a much better life with me. She was heartworm positive when I got her and succesfully recovered and lived with us 15 more years, to the age of 17. Shortly after Tasha came to live with us, she and I attended two obedience classes and were awarded both most improved dog and #1 in her class. I like to think she had a happy life although I wish I had done more with her. Afterall, she was an Aussie and I think, would have liked to be busier.
    I am now a widow and live alone, except for my 2 cats. I would like to have a buddy to accompany me to Doggy beach in New Smyrna, go to obedience classes and this time agility also (if I am agile enough!) or obedience competition or matches, and lots of training and working here at home. I need a smaller Aussie, as my house is rather small, at just under 1000 feet, but I have big open rooms and a verty big, beautiful fenced in yard. I am financially independent and do not work and looking for a new friend. I would love to be Lara’s and help her continue in her journey. I am ready to fill out the adoption application but have to wait for my best friend’s cell phone to be replaced so you can call her! My mother has bred, shown and judged dogs of various breeds for over 40 years, total. She owns 1 Aussie now and has judged, bred, shown, raised, placed and lived with Aussies. As my mother, I realize she does not qualify, technically as a referral for me, but, as you can see is somewhat unusually qualified.
    I would love to hear from you. My number is 396-956-5116. Thank you for reading my LONG message!!

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