The DogSmith Services

The DogSmith®
Solving Canine Problems “One Woof at a Time” 

Dog Training

Dog Training Dog Training & Dog Behavior Counseling 

The Dog Training You Need, Whenever YOU NEED IT!

DogSmith Training Brochure

Manage your dogs’ behavior and teach your dog good citizenship.

Your local DogSmith offers both private and group lessons, If you cannot participate in the training then talk to your Local DogSmith about our “Board and Train” packages or our “Latch Key” training services.

Helping Dogs Become Family

Dog Training Proven results
Dog Training Guaranteed fun
Dog Training Programs for any budget and skill level
Dog Training So effective even your child can control your 60 lb Lab.
DogSmith Client Testimonials.
Catherine is an expert in her field. She has had our American Bull dog in training since he was 8 weeks old. And now, he is one of two perfect dogs….the other one is his little sister (a Yorkie). He behaves beautifully around people and other dogs.. be they small or large. I highly recommend that each dog owner hire a trainer; I highly recommend that the dog trainer be Catherine Zehner. 

Lou King
Southport, Fla.

Pet Care
Your Local DogSmith Provides
Unrivaled Pet Care Services

Pet Care Brochure

DogSmith In-Home Pet Care Services & Dog Walking Packages
‘Home Alone’ visits, ‘Dog Romps”, Daily ‘Lunch and Dinner’ breaks, ‘Pet Shuttle’ services and doggie day care. You design your service schedule based on your individual needs. The DogSmith’s Pet Care program was specifically designed to give you the peace of mind that comes with having the best of all worlds, professional pet care by Pet Care Professionals.

Pet Nutrition
Pet Nutrition
Your Local DogSmith offers a retail line of premium pet care products. Dog and cat food, both dry and canned, daily supplements, treats and a line of holistic skin care products

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